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Internal organization
According to the above duties, City Planning Bureau has 10 internal organs, which are main section-level institutions.
In charge of administrative affairs and all kinds of business meetings is responsible for drawing up the annual work plan and work summary; Responsible for secretarial services, message processing, file management, security, and safety, security, etc.; Responsible for transact NPC's suggestion, CPPCC proposals and supervise the implementation of significant decisions; Responsible for the compilation of propaganda, news and planning; Organization of research topics and reception of foreign affairs; Responsible for the financial management , fixed asset planning and management of Bureau; Conduct and supervise finance management work of Bureau.
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1.Execute law, regulations related to town and country planning of national, province, and city, and responsible for prepare regulations of city planning, town planning, country planning etc.
2.Responsible for preparing urban general arrangement, organize to developing urban and rural system planning, detail planning and historical famous city’s protection planning; Organize and prepare territorial, regional, economical and social development plan and the professional planning which are related to urban and rural planning; In charge of declare,audit protection planning of urban historical and cultural cities ( towns, historical block protection area, etc.) together with the cultural relics management department.
3.Responsible for issuing the" construction project site selection recommendation book"," construction land planning certificate"," construction project planning certificate"……
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